The Third Coming: The Stone Roses In Pictures

Legendary music photographers, Kevin Cummins, Paul Slattery and Ian Tilton, collaborate for the first time in an extraordinary exhibition of photography and memorabilia to celebrate the generation-defining ‘Madchester’ band, the Stone Roses.
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Stone Roses: The Third Coming is an exhibition of band portraiture, backstage and unseen photographs of the Stone Roses by legendary rock photographers, Ian Tilton, Kevin Cummins and Paul Slattery. Capturing the genius, and sometimes madness, of the iconic Manchester band in their prime.

Curator Dave Brolan explains “These three photographers – Kevin Cummins, Paul Slattery & Ian Tilton – have, between them, captured pretty much every major artist of the last 30 years, many as they were still unknown or emerging. Each photographer has a distinct style but a similar honest, photojournalistic approach, showing subjects as they really are and creating iconic images that stand the test of time.  Together, they helped shape the image of The Stone Roses.”

The photographs go on display at Whiteleys Shopping centre between 13th June and 12thAugust.

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