The Vinyl Countdown

I'd happily chuck out my CD collection without batting an eyelid. But my stash of vinyl? There going nowhere pal, and these are but a few of my best buys.
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My first experience of vinyl records was when I discovered my parents’ collection in a huge box in the cupboard under the stairs. Obviously they hadn’t been played in years, but all of them were in perfect condition. Originally I was more interested in scratching them, which I later regretted after a stern telling off - than I was in playing them.

As I got older and more interested in music, I re-discovered vinyl as a lot of the bands I was into at the time released their records on vinyl as well as CD. These were generally in limited runs of several colours, which made them much more appealing than a boring CD.

Fast forward a few years and I now have a reasonably good collection of vinyl. Some bargains, and some that I’ve paid over the odds for if I’m being honest. But while I am in the process of trying to decide whether it’s worth trying to sell my CDs or just to throw them away, I know I will always hang onto my vinyl collection.

So...I decided to put together a small but focused list of some my favourite records that I have managed to get hold of on vinyl.

There is no set genre here, just good records from good bands and artists.

7. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars – David Bowie

I bought this from a charity shop in Nottingham for something around £4.50, the sleeve isn’t in the greatest condition but the record still plays great. Unfortunately I don’t know when it was pressed, but the sound quality is immaculate. This is one of my favourite Bowie records so I was chuffed to find it so cheap.

6. Once Upon a Time – Simple Minds

This is another second hand buy, but this time from a great little second hand record shop on Mansfield Road in Nottingham. One of the many great things about collecting vinyl is the prices and this was only £3.50. What a steal. The sleeve is in near perfect condition and the record plays beautifully. Blasting Alive and Kicking out full blast in my room was worth the £3.50 alone.

5. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Oasis

Now for most people, this is one the worst Oasis albums they ever wrote. However I disagree.
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is my favourite Oasis record. Maybe it’s because it got so much bad press, or maybe it’s because I love the depressing tone of the majority of the songs on the record. The artwork is amazing as well. I remember wanting this so much on CD when I was a child, to now own it on vinyl is a joy to behold!

4. High Violet – The National

This was found in a little record shop in Lisbon called Carbono. It is pressed on limited edition violet heavyweight vinyl and it looks, and sounds beautiful. The staff in the shop were great, I bought 3 records that came to a disturbing amount, but I did get a free t-shirt and tote bag. So every cloud...

3. Said and Unsaid – Adorno

This is my friend’s band from Almada, Portugal. 4 of the most passionate songs I have ever heard.  I’m not too sure who to liken this band but make sure you check them out.

2. Hanging on the Telephone – Blondie

This was another charity shop buy. Side A is Hanging on the Telephone and Side B has Will Anything Happen. Clearly this was once owned by Kev Moth as he kindly wrote his name on the sleeve, along with the time, artist and song title. This is only Blondie song that has ever struck a chord with me, so for 50p I couldn’t pass it up!

1. Aladdin Sane – David Bowie

One of the best album covers ever. It features some of Bowie’s best songs, and all for the bargain price of seven English pounds! The sleeve is gatefold and has the original record inserts. The record is immaculate and therefore sounds great.

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