This SunLife Jukebox Lets You Play Music Through The Decades

From Johnny Cash to Justin Bieber...
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Was music actually better back in the day? Do they really not make 'em like they used to anymore? You be the judge with this interactive jukebox. 

Created by Sun Life, the jukebox songs are broken down into decades starting from the '50s to present day. From Elvis right up to Bruno Mars, you can get yourself into all sorts of debates about the quality of modern music, or just have a sing song while you do the washing up. We're not checking.  

Have a dance to Abba in the '70s, do the zombie hand thing to Michael Jackson's Thriller from the '80s, or be reminded of the fact that you actually love Stop by the Spice Girls and know the dance even if it's a secret you'll take to the grave with you. 

Click here to see the SunLife Jukebox .