This Week's Singles: Everything Everything Prove They've Got It All

Spector slosh about in the dregs of landfill indie and Alesha Dixon proves a big voice can't save a sh*t song...


Spector - Friday Night, Don't Ever Let it End

Conceived amongst the scuzz and Stella of every indie disco you ever vomited across,  with a title that couldn't sound anymore indie if it was constructed from the backwash of Steve Lamacqs' recycling bin. Add in literary references and a chorus about staying out past your bedtime? The foundations of rock n roll remain unmoved.

Ashley Walters ft Alsha Dixon - Your Love

What may look like an old call sheet from CD-UK is in fact the new single from Ashely Walters and Foghorn Dixon, who's taking a break from adding urban to Saturday night schedules and collaborating with the former So-Solid member. The video must have cost the equivalent of a Greggs sausage roll, with a scarcely attended nightclub, soft focus lens and lighting flares all trying in vein to distract you from the yawing chasm of talent on show.

Rebecca Ferguson - Backtrack

Set in the DFS advert that she is destined to sign up for, 'Backtrack' is the staple decaf-soul you'd expect from the only Fergie its humanly possible to like; the indie enclined amongst you will recognise Babyshambles' bass player Drew McConnell, which makes this infinitely his best work to date. Elsewhere the distant sound you can hear is that of Aloe Black's lawyer screaming about day-light robbery.

Everything Everything - Cough Cough

Looking like the forgotten drummer boys of Bejing spliced with the scenes of riotous violence, Everything Everything have come back with the impetus of blood starved piranhas. Splurging guitars, demented synths and  rapid-fire lyrics about the greed of nation on its uppers. Combination of song craft, ambition and desire to do something new has placed Everything Everything towards the front of the UK Pop pack.

The Gossip - Get A Job

On reflection The Gossip's day in the sun should be recategorised as a drawn out morning at best, never fully eclipsing previous efforts in the eyes of critics or public at large. Say, for example the man next to you held a gun to your head, extreme i know, but say he did, to save your life you had to produce three words that could best describe the Gossip's' next single before you heard it- dancy, shouty & average? Congratulations your brain has been saved and blood will not splatter your Mac today.

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