This Week's Singles: Pitbull Should Be Spayed For His Remix Of Bad

He's got a mutt's name and has made a dog's dinner of the Jacko classic. Fortunately, there are better singles being released in the UK this week...
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This week sees the release of a dodgy Jacko remix, a new one from some indie heroes and a new British pop-dubstep act that are destined to grab your attention...

Lucy Rose: Bikes

The voice that brings indie wallflowers to an ill-timed climax, Lucy Rose releases bikes, lyrics about sofas, tea and the confusion of how a relationship which started so well has now turned to utter dog shit; so that's me, you and the rest of the world Luce, thanks for sharing though.

Lianne La Havas, Forget

The break-up song continues to be a rich seam for pop. This week Lianne La Havas tosses her wears into the ring with Forget. All well and good Lianne, but fast forward two months, you're half way through your second bottle of Echo Falls and Facebook stalking his latest flame- lets see how much sass you have then.

The Maccabees: Ayla

A band to be carried aloft and cherished for their very existence , Ayla is the latest single from Given to the Wild; layered vocals, trumpets and the swirling mesh of a haunted heart, if you have a soul you'll scrawl the lyrics across your chest in hollandaise sauce and throw yourself unto the lions.

Pitbull: Bad

Pitbull gets short shrift from many a quarter and in my weaker moments I feel for the guy.  Granted, i'd sooner fill my ears with the vomit of my unborn than listen to the feckless gobshite, but he has done himself no favours with this insipid excretion, remixing the late Prince of Neverland and his hit 'Bad'.

A concept as wholly repugnant as it sounds.

Alpines: Got Me Wrong

The uglier offspring of dance and pop has polluted the heaphones of the innocent and guilty alike, but between the shite, lies the shinola,  Got me Wrong by Alpines is a song played out amongst the shadows, pop melodies infused with the danger and anticipation of dubstep; its sparse, eloquent and the irrefutable sound of British pop music in 2012.

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