This Week's Singles Reviewed: Perfume Genius Is A Testament To Tragic Beauty

Mumford return this week, and there's a helluva effort from Frightened Rabbit.. But the most exciting release today comes from the Seattle based songer-songwriter...


Mumford And Sons - I Will Wait

Sharpen the knivees and reach for your sarcastic grenades, Mumford and Sons have a new single out, it;s called 'I Will Wait' and believe it or not, its sounds like Mumford and Sons, so if you didn't like them first time round your experience will not differ, success breeds contempt after all and if you really wanted a dubstep direction from the Mumfords, then go to your bathroom mirror, look yourself full in the face and ask if you were hugged enough as a child.

Michael Gray ft Roll Deep- Cant Wait For The Weekend

What seems to have happened here is that Roll Deep have lifted the theme from Ibiza Uncovered and fisted their lyrics within it, so desperate for chart success there is no cliche these lads wouldn't ingest, from the GOD AWFUL video where a gravel drived semi in Chelmsford (unconfirmed residence of one Jermaine Defoe) full of suspiciously young boys and coated with bikinied botox, to the gestures and bafoonery the song is ridded with; unoriginal, unneeded and unforgivable.

Fixers- Pink Light

Psychedelic pop music in the form of Fixers, Pink Light comes and goes within 3 minutes of thumping harmonies, double tracked vocals and enough piss and vinegar to keep you knee deep in serotonin till St Swithin's day. A band with experimentation coursing its veins and melody heavy on its breath.

Perfume Genius - Take Me Home

Delicate in its touch, Perfume Genius' new single 'Take Me Home' is in parts so quiet you coud hear a mouse piss on velvet; in others its honesty will rupture your ear drum. A weary lover returns home apologising for an indiscretion and offering to be quite as a shadow, of a shadow, of a shadow for you. A testament to tragic beauty.

Frightened Rabbit -  State Hospital

I need you to imagine that Biffy Clyro are Danny Zuko from Grease, now stay there and picture Frightened Rabbit as Kenickie , the same jeans, but infinitely cooler. The lead single from a five track E.P glimpses at a lyrical imagination surpassing the oceans of dirge they swim against, they are the hope and they might just be the future.

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