Traxbox: 16 CDs Of Chicago House History

This new box set documents the golden years of Chicago's Trax records, from its '85 debut release through to '89.
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If you've clicked this link we're going to guess you're already familiar with Trax and how it paved the way for the advancement of a worldwide cultural phenomenon, becoming arguably the single most important record label of the last three decades.

There have been many a Trax compilation released in recent years, but nothing on the scale of Traxbox, out on 23rd September. We're talking the first 75 Trax 12'' releases, remastered, A and B sides and remixes, starting from TX101 up to TX179 (four numbers were never used). The box set comes housed in a beautiful heavyweight 16 x CD purpose-designed wallet together with an 80 page booklet, with liner notes from the walking house encyclopaedia that is Bill Brewster.

From Le' Noiz through to Virgo Four, it's all you'll ever need.

Available from Amazon via Harmless Records.