Two Minute Wonders: 10 Short Songs That Prove Size Doesn't Matter

A cracking tune doesn't need to go on for 10 minutes to be an epic - sometimes 120 seconds is just as effective.
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In respectful response to fellow Saboteur Daniel Ross  excellent piece on the subject of songs that clock in at over ten minutes I would like to provide the juxtaposition; Songs that say everything they were intended to, before two minutes are up.

Shaped and re-shaped. Shaved and re-shaved. Stripped down and minimal but perfectly adequate in conveying a feeling, thought or notion. The meagre one-hundred and twenty seconds you invest when you press ‘play’ can change your day. No Flab. No Faff. No Bullshit. The aural version of the SAS. In….job done….out. You’re welcome!

Here’s a few songs you might want to put on your I-Pod for when you’re running over to the garage for a bottle of milk in the adverts….

Tame by The Pixies- Many Pixies tunes don’t make the two minute mark; Crackity Jones, Broken Face, something against you. But none are as frightening as this belter.

Son of a Gun by the La’s- people often sight ‘There she goes’ as thee La’s tune, but this and ‘Timeless Melody’ beat it hands down in my opinion. A Great song, a great yarn, a great feeling. ‘Personally I think that’s fine if you’re in the right mind’

Breaking Glass by David Bowie- Dramatic synth-funk-guitar mash up from ‘Low.’ Bowie during one of his most confident and experimental periods. Truly ahead of it’s time.

Big spender by Shirley Bassey- That saucy ‘GILF’ from the valleys getting seductive. She doesn’t pop her cork for every man, apparently. I’d still have a good try!

Song 2 by Blur- Guaranteed to make people jump around.  Loud bit-Quiet bit-Loud bit and a few WOO-HOOs is the only formula you need to give people exactly what they’re after.

Islands (Original 1995 Demo) by Arab Strap- Superb song containing just scratchy Bass and drums and prose about smelling your girlfriend on your fingers as you walk home from her house. It’s actually quite sweet.

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths- Possibly the most melancholy of their body of work. A haunting beautiful song.

Sister by Prince- He likes to push the envelope does Prince. And he likes to push his little purple winky into his sister according to this little ditty for the aptly tilted and brilliantly raw and funky ‘Dirty Mind’ album.

Never Talking To You Again by Husker Du- A rare acoustic track by the normally amphetamine fuelled full throttlers. From their excellent debut album ‘Zen arcade’.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from the Disney film of the same name- Always a winner. Soon puts a Dick Van Dyke style spring in your step. Try it…

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