Vato Gonzalez & Doctor's 10 Favourite 2 Step Tracks

They came correct with summer anthem '2 Step' last month, so we got the production / vocalist team to delve back into their collections to pick some timeless garage riddims.
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Stush - Dollar Sign

I like the fusion of the the UK Garage sound with the Jamaican influenced vocals. Stush bought a fun vibe to the track while maintaining her rude girl style.

Tubby T - Tales of the Hood

It was basically the underground anthem at the time. Everybody who loves 2 Step knows and love this track! RIP Tubby T!

Kele Le Roc - Things We Do For Love

One of those tracks that managed to stand the test of time. Still a big tune till this day which you can hear regularly in club sets. Kele's vocals are sweet on this one and I must say she still looks stunning to this day.

Shanks & Big Foot - Sweet Like Chocolate

Many private jokes around this track but it was definitely a childhood anthem of mine. It describes perfectly how the young ladies would refer to me in my earlier days. Lol.

So Solid Crew - 21 Seconds

One of the first tracks that made me want to MC. This is one of those tracks that set the foundation for Grime as we know it today. The video to this track is still probably one of the best ever made and let's not forget seeing them at Brit Awards, that performance gave a lot of us belief that urban music was accepted in the mainstream audience.


01. Agent X - Decoy

Up until this day, ‘Decoy’ still has one of the simplest yet most awesome bass lines ever. It’s basically a very sped up dancehall track, in regard to the drums and yet, while being very energetic, it’s also very musical. An ever interesting cocktail of influences in one neat little package that never seems to bore me.

02. Sticky ft. Miss Dynamite - Boo

Sticky nor Miss Dynamite need an introduction and if you’ve got no clue why I absolutely love this song, you’ve most likely never played it on full volume on a set with proper subwoofers. Bone shattering.

03. Mo Fire Crew - Oi!

Not quite 2step, yet still a major influence on my productions. When 2step got more grimey this was a game changer. Once again, good food for your subwoofers and quite an intriguing production underneath all the bars. Love it!

04. Double 99 - Rip Groove

One of the songs that apart from the UK, actually went major in the clubs in Europe as well. Fits brilliantly in that niche in between garage, 2step, house and even has its fair share of fame in the urban scenes. Good one to test your subs with as well, and for me, more subs is more fun.

05. Wideboys - Stand & Deliver

2step has always been an interesting combination of soulful organs, breakbeats, loads of bass, looped vocals and dissonant melodies. This track has it all! Exactly the last part is interesting from a producer point of view, as the normal minor and major keys usually don’t apply to 2step tracks and this one is no exception.

Listen to Vato Gonzalez & Doctor - 2 Step below