Watch Naomi Campbell In ANOHNI's Vid For Drone Bomb Me

100 things we love right now #94
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It's often said, even on this very site, that pop music has lost its ability to make important political statements. That a decline in sales revenue has created a timid industry dictated to by corporate money. This track sticks two fingers up to all of that. 

Even the title makes you stop to realise just how long it's been since popular music stirred something in the public psyche. Not in a whiny 'give us your money' way either, but actually tackled an ugly issue with sincerity and spellbinding power. 

ANOHNI (whose beautiful baroque hollering you'll recognise from Anthony and the Johnsons) sings from the perspective of a girl whose family has been killed in a drone attack similar to those carried out by the current US administration, all over a portentous, synth-heavy soundscape created by HudMo and Oneohtrix. Next time somebody mourns the loss of music's power to inspire change, show them this. 

ANOHNI's forthcoming LP Hopelessness is out later this year.