Watch Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff Tearing It Up In London, 1986

This could be in the top 1% of videos on the internet...
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He may be a Hollywood A-lister with eccentric kids, but don't forget boys and girls, Will Smith was once an essential part of hip hop's crossover into the mainstream. This video shows him and partner Jazzy Jeff ripping it up on the floor at London's Limelight club, mid 80s.

Check Jeff's jacket and glasses, James Brown playing on the system, the girls looking fresh to death in doorknocker earrings and denim jackets, DJ Cheese throwing shapes in a bomber jacket and fur hat. This could possibly be in the top 1% of videos on the internet for pure steez.

Check out Westwood's YouTube channel for more solid gold archive footage which basically tells the history of hip hop performance in the UK from the mid 80s onwards.

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