Dreamer's Pop: Why Pleasure Beach Are The Most Exciting New Band In Ages

Set lazers for the stadiums...
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Tell me there’s anything better than a doomed-but-hopeful love song, and I’ll hand you an old battered copy of Blood On The Tracks and say let’s talk tomorrow.

Taken just by itself, Pleasure Beach’ debut song ‘Go’ was enough to set heartbeats going like hooves. It’s a big widescreen tune that recalls the greats of highway rock and roll: Springsteen, Petty, ‘Boys Of Summer’, Neon Bible-era Arcade Fire. With aspirational lyrics not shy of a natural metaphor - clouds and thunder, wolves and doors - it’s not complicated but is a doomed-but-hopeful love song and it’s glorious.

For me, though, it was ‘Dreamer To The Dawn’ that marked them out as a band to write adulatory blogs about. It recalls those 80s Monoliths- Born In The USA, Joshua Tree -  with synth lines born in the minds of someone dreaming of stadiums and Pyramid stages.   In the soft harmonies you’ll be thinking of Fleetwood Mac, and as the band fire out major chords, wonder whether Pleasure Beach will skip sweat rooms and go straight to the sheds.  

Of the band themselves, there’s not much known. They’re from Belfast and most of them come from an old band called Yes Cadet. They all look nice, which obviously helps, and their debut E.P is out 30th October. It’s got a track on it called ‘Hayley’, and it’s very dreamy. In fact, dream pop seems to be the genre tag most attached to them so far. It’s fitting, though dreamer’s pop would might be more appropriate. 

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