Wilko Johnson Live: Never Has A Man Looked So Alive

The ex Dr Feelfgood man and a true British great defies terminal condition with an outstanding concert...
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Wilko Johnson said "my condition makes being alive all that more intense" and for a man who was told seven months ago that he only had six months to live, was on fine form giving the blinding performance of a man half his age. The 65 year old guitarist found new fame again in the Tv drama Game of Thrones gave the performance of a lifetime.

Earlier this year Wilko revealed he was suffering from terminal cancer, and quit touring. But he then made a special request to play at Colne one last time and rewarded his fans with a storming performance. Before his hour-long set, the organisers of the British Blues Awards made a special presentation honouring him as a British Blues Great.

Few artists have the effortless grace of Wilko Johnson. So silky and fluid as to sound almost effortless. He didn't disappoint, though he did confuse. Throughout the show he put himself through an emotional workout. At times he was so excited it seemed as if he was about to burst out of his black suit; by the end, he was so exhausted he seemed on the verge of collapse.


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Wilko gave an emotional performance, as the festival in Colne came to an end. The main stage at the Muni was packed as former Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson performed with his band – a show most music fans thought they would never see. He radiated the pure love that shines through his best songs.At the end of the set, there were roars, cheers and stamping on the floor as the name "Wilko" was being chanted and echoed around the1000 capacity venue, as the extraordinary standing of ovation continued five minutes after Wilko left the stage. Leaving the crowd cheering for more. It was nothing short of emotional.