Wu Block: Rap Royalty Combine To Make A Vintage Record

Long time friends Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch's highly anticipated collaboration is about to drop, and die-hard fans will be delighted with the duo's loyalty to Hip Hop's classic roots...
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It has been a while since Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah and D-Block’s Sheek Louch have released material as part of their respective groups. When the two iconic camps declared they were joining forces, way back in 2011, hip hop heads across the globe took to the web to declare their excitement and anticipation. Rap collaborations are nothing new, J Dilla and Madlib did it, Redman and Method Man did too. And more recently, Jay and Ye’s The Throne offering caused a frenzy and outed the most unlikely of hip hop fans (remember Gwyneth Paltrow’s controversial  tweet about ‘Ni**as in Paris’ for real at the pair’s sold-out Paris concert?).

But for die-hard rap fans it’s a rarity that classic rap royalty comes together for the greater good of our ears, and the release of latest single ‘Stick Up Kids’ featuring Jadakiss, proves it has been worth the wait. Luckily, we were able to catch up with Ghostface Killah ahead of the November 13 release of Wu Block to find out more.

Ghostface aka Pretty Tony cites his long friendship with Sheek, and a mutual admiration and respect for one another’s musical projects as the driving force behind the hook up. “We’ve been friends for a long time so we were usually doing songs on each other’s albums.” He adds, “It just worked and the chemistry was there.  They are street guys, we are street guys, and we both have a nice fan base. We are basically the same people, which is why it meshed so nicely because it flows together. It don’t sound like nothing is forced and everything sounds the way it’s supposed to be.”

In terms of lyrical content, we can expect the quintessential storyteller finesse that has become something of a signature for Ghostface. “I didn’t want it to be just all of us rhyming and talking about a bunch of street shit.” Indeed, it’s that masterful yet totally raw realness that has kept Ghostface and the Wu Tang Clan in the hearts, minds and ears of hip hop fans the world over. “We got substance behind our music, we got concepts. It ain’t just like you in the club all day, like these guys are doing today just talking about the fucking club” he readily points out.

The modern era of rap has entertained creative dalliances with other genres such as pop, dance and electronica, but Ghostface is standing firm that Wu Block is entrenched in the roots and origins of rap/hip hop in its purist incarnation. “Not everything has gotta be all dance-y dance-y. When you look at Wu Tang, when you look at D-Block, you see real music in it. It’s someone like the last hope that can tell you something that can teach you something. And that’s what we gave on this album.”

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Wu Block is released November 13. ‘Stick Up Kids’ is out now.

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