Wugazi, 13 Chambers: The Best Mash-Up Album Of All Time

If you missed it this summer the full Wugazi album is ace, it's free and is a high-water mark in the world of mash-ups...
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Remixes, mash-ups and whatever else you want to call them, are a decidedly mixed bag and Wu-Tang Clan have suffered for this art more than most. Some of the Wu v Beatles stuff is unlistenable. But remixing perhaps the greatest hip-hop collective of all time is difficult. Where do you go? Harder? More samples? Whatever you think of you can guarantee RZA will have been there, done that and wiped his arse with the T-Shirt.

Wugazi though is, in the words of Ol' Dirty Bastard, as fresh and stinky as a girls poo poo, or something like that. A year-long labour of love by American musicians / producers Cecil Otter & Swiss Andy, that saw them cut up every record by post-hardcore band Fugazi and listen to every rhyme, verse and acapella from the Wu before mixing it all together in an album; Wugazi: 13 Chambers. The results are fucking ace.

From the C.R.E.A.M sampling Sleep Rules Everything Around Me - that sounds like a dream sequence narrated by the laconic Raekwon - to Forensic Shimmy, an industrially-driven cut up of Shimmy Shimmy Ya and Fugazi's Forensic Scene, it is endlessly listenable, a bit mental, utterly captivating and, most definitely, it is Wu motherfuckers…

Listen to this, then follow the link below to download…

Sleep Rules Everything Around Me by WUGAZI

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