You Need The New Grace Jones Box Set

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The Queen of Disco showed Parklife how it's done this week, performing topless in tribal body paint to the festival crowds. It's no surprise she's still grabbing headlines: the 67 year old refuses to be anything other than fabulous. Her very existence is performance art for us spectators to admire. 

Many are familiar with Grace Jones' '80s mainstream success, but it was her initial three albums released in the late seventies: Portfolio, Fame and Muse, which gave her the platform on which to become a megastar. 

To disco fans, they're regarded as some of the most accomplished albums of the era, perfectly soundtracking a time when clubs nurtured a world of liberation and hedonism, the likes of which we will never truly know today. Recorded at Sigma Sound, Philadelphia – the home of Philadelphia International Records these are three essential albums for any fan of the era. 

Luckily though, we can appreciate those seminal albums in a new box set. Released as a 3CD or 4LP package including rare singles and 12" mixes, 'The Disco Years' is an absolute necessity for any music head.

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