You Need To Hear This: The English Riviera by Metronomy

Looking for something wonderful to help soundtrack your Summer? Well, elctro-wizzkids Metronomy might just have made it.
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On their previous two releases, Metronomy provided the ideal soundtrack for ill-advised, after hours boozing sessions.

Often chaotic, Joseph Mount’s bedroom-recorded tales of love and loss combined killer synths and sharp hooks to reel you in. Judging by their latest offering, Metronomy are now more likely to be the backdrop to afternoons in the sun, having toned down the energy and given Mount’s lyrics more space to breathe across a collection of intricately crafted disco gems.

If you’re after the classy sound of Summer 2011, look no further.

With the exception of the stomping chorus on 'Love Underlined', the songs don’t batter you into submission at first, but after a couple of listens they creep up on you and firmly embed themselves in your head. Cases in point are 'She Wants', a coolly restrained number featuring a laidback, killer groove with punchy synths and 'Corrine', a highly addictive cheese-free homage to the 80s. To begin with they sound almost lightweight when in fact they are subtle growers.

The English Riviera is a clever album, there are no major peaks and certainly no troughs. Instead it’s a fine collection of textured songs and wry lyrics, ‘There’s a tear in your eye, but there’s no ‘I’ in tear’, sings Mount on Trouble. If you’re after the classy sound of Summer 2011, look no further.

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