So what is Sabotage Times?

Sabotage Times is an online magazine launched in May 2010 by James Brown.

ST is a popular platform for new and established writers to sound off on the issues they feel passionate about. It is rare to find a story on Sabotage which hasn’t provoked some sort of debate or feedback from it’s target audience. Many of our articles have hundreds of Shares, Likes and one has over 2000 comments.

We have over 1500 writers of all ages and areas of expertise based all over the world. We receive great new contributions by email everyday, we find many of our writers through Twitter or their own blogs, and we also commission work from a regular array of contributors. Sabotage Times is a brilliant platform to get yourself noticed on. Many of our new writers have gone on to establish full time posts with titles such as Heat, Vice and Guardian Guide.

Our aim is to create a great destination for people interested in football, fashion, TV, humour, sport, film, politics, sex, art and many other subjects. In addition we supply links to great clips, sites, articles and images we like online.

Rather than have the public pay to read the site we fund it by winning commissions for the contributing writing team to create unique content for leading brands, companies and events. As a Content Creation agency we have worked with a number of clients and advertising agencies including Puma, TMobile, MSN, Huffington Post/AOL, Bauer, Aston Martin, BBC, Smirnoff, Cadbury, adidas.

We have also syndicated material to many of the world’s leading publication including The Times, New York Times, Daily Mail, The Independent, The Mirror, Glamour, Grazia, Esquire, 442, Sky Sports magazine, Champions and so on.