Random Celebrity Sideboobs

Katy Perry's boob window at the Grammy's was so good Ellen got snapped STARING into it. Sideboob is cleavage for the 21st century. Join me on my debaucherous list of the best ever.
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It pains me to have to admit this - mostly because saying this out loud means that I suck at life - but I failed, I fucked up, and now I just might be going to hell. You see normally I’m not really into this whole going cold turkey and giving up something I love for Lent, but seeing as my New Year’s Resolution is to try something new, I thought I’d give it a go. What did I give up? Celebrities. Yes, that’s right, I said celebrities.

When it comes to the life styles of the rich and the famous, I’m a bit obsessed. I love reading about them, I love hearing about them, and I love looking at them. Call it a guilty pleasure; call it a crazy obsession but I can’t get enough. And in case it wasn’t already devastatingly obvious, my favourite kind of celebs, are the ones that leave nothing to the imagination. So seeing as I’m already going to hell, I’m taking you all down with me.

Join me as I compile my sort of sequel to my debaucherous list of celebrity nip slips; my top 7 infamous celeb side boobs.

Emma Watson

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At the première of her flick, The Perks of Being A Wall Flower the actress whose most famous role to date was Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise decided to show the world just what a perky young lady she’s growing up to be. I must say from where I’m sitting, those things look pretty impressive. Emma, I’m sure I speak for the world when I say that it’s been a privilege to watch you blossom before our eyes.

Lindsay Lohan

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Unlike Miss Watson, it seems former child star Lindsay Lohan’s career blossomed in a different and more scandalizing way, and in this case no one is complaining. When it comes to juicy gossip for the tabloids and blogs, Lohan is the human equivalent of herpes, she the gift that keeps on giving. No matter how nippy it is outside, if there’s a paparazzi around, Lohan never fails to flash the world a smile.


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Well it wouldn’t be a sort of sequel without a familiar face or should I say tit.


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Miley Cyrus

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Yep, yet another child star on the list. This isn’t Miley’s first side boob offense but it’s her most famous and perhaps most reported to date. The actress/singer who just can’t be tamed was the first celeb to break TV network CBS’ stupid ‘no cleavage’ rule at a pre-Grammys party. But who are we to judge, after all she’s just being Miley.

Katy Perry

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I like to call this one, the inverted side boob or the boob window, take your pick and then take a peek.

Lady Gaga

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Okay this one is probably more a game of peek-a-boob gone wrong, or right depending how you look at it.


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Every once in while, life takes us on an anti-climactic journey, in the case of this list, Madonna is the anti-climax, the cure to Viagra. No offense, but with that body, it just looks like man boobs to me. Madonna, if by some chance you’re reading this, please never do this again.