Is Sugar Daddy Dating No Longer Taboo? A Review With Secret Benefits

There is no doubt that judgement is passed whenever you see an older man with a younger woman hanging on his arms. One might immediately think, there goes another dirty old man with his gold digger harlot. But did you ever stop and wonder why they often look so happy? Maybe it's because they are.
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It's not common that these relationships end in marriage, and more than often getting hitched is the last thing on anyone's mind when sugar dating is involved. However, we can't help but think of some of the most respected and liked men and women today and their "mere" 30-40 year difference between each other. 

Would it surprise you that when Clint Eastwood got with Dina Ruiz there was a 35 year difference? 55 year old Billy Joel found his uptown girl, Katie Lee, when she had just turned 23. Naturally the rugged good looks of the 68 year old media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, attracted Wendy Deng when she was just 30. We would be amnesic if we forgot the late Hugh Hefner marrying Crystal Harris in 2012 when he was 86 and she was 26.

Of course there's always the famous seedy side of these relationships like the marriage in 1997 between Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn. He was 56 and she was 19 when they first started dating in 1991. He got involved with Previn while he was still in his 10 year relationship with her adopted mother, Mia Farrow. Of course Mia's first marriage with Frank Sinatra only landed him at the prime age of 51 when she was just 21. But who's to judge? 

Many of us still watch these peoples movies and buy their media, and these relationships ended in marriage and often divorce, yet society seemingly had no problem supporting them. It sure makes sugar dating look a lot less scandalous, and a lot more accommodating to those that will regardless still seek each other out.  

With the divorce rate hanging around 50% it's no wonder that men and women are finding other ways to enjoy themselves in a relationship without getting married. Who wants a prenup? Arguably nearly every man and woman with money and property wants one. This leads many to the same conclusion: They don't want to deal with the drama and loss in a possible divorce. 

Mutually beneficial relationships have always existed, but they have not always been socially acceptable, yet we also find that as relationship barriers continue to topple in the 21st century, society has increasingly become more tolerant with this once taboo "win-win" arrangement. In fact, sugar daddy dating has far more misconceptions than one might think. 

A couple of stereotypes might be that you must be old and rich to be a sugar daddy, or desperate and willing to have sex as a sugar baby. Not so, says this popular arrangement dating site. 

According to Secret Benefits, the arrangement dating scene is seeing far more young men with good careers having less time and desire for conventional dating and relationships. They want the companionship of an articulate and beautiful woman when it suits them with no strings attached. Likewise sugar babies are more often going to college or already have successful careers, and they set the boundaries of the relationship.

Of course sugar daddies are still picking up the tab, buying gifts, and sometimes helping out with cash, and their sugar babies are still turning on the charm and dolling themselves up in the designer clothes their daddies bought them. Some things never change. 

The reason why Secret Benefits is increasingly popping up in the media and gaining praise from users seems to be their quality over quantity approach. The site is streamlined for the new user to help you find your future companion with as little interference as possible. 

Features such as identity verification to help users avoid catfishing, as well as being free to the ladies and no monthly fees to the gents also makes this site very appealing. This results in the site featuring far more quality and legit women and men than their competition which in turn makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone. 

Sugar daddy dating has come a long way over the past decade, and it surely has shared as much scandal as it has acclaim, yet in the challenging, nerve-racking, and somewhat mysterious world of online dating, at least this niche dating scene has all of the cards on the table before the first date.