Meet Lucie Blush: The Feminist Pornographer

Not content with her experiences of pornography, Lucie Blush set out to deliver something more moral, more sensual and more romantic than the mainstream.
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You don’t have to be Don Draper to know that sex sells, and the growth of the internet and it’s predilection for pornography has only served to prove that old adage.

The porn marketplace is like any other; plenty of variety, money courses through its veins and there’s some stuff you don’t want anything to do with either. With mainstream porn getting something of a rough ride lately, particularly the pressure stemming from government over its availability and morality, the market has adapted, and the growth of feminist (or ethical) porn is a sign that the industry is making a long lurch towards more enlightened themes.

So step forward Ms Lucie Blush: the French feminist pornographer based in Barcelona who is on a mission to bring real sex, romance and the organic process from the imagination and onto your screens.

Lucie, and her website We Love Good Sex, is one a one-woman mission to re-establish the link between pornography and its consumers. One may complain about the disconnection that mainstream porn creates; the wholly unrealistic acrobatics, expectations and ‘animated butcher’s shop window’ vibe that some films and performers take part in.

“At first I felt compelled to bring my own vision,” says Lucie, when asked if her films are a direct reaction to the mainstream.

“I did watch a little bit of porn sometimes but I didn't know much about it. I just imagined what I was feeling and what I wanted to see. Then, I got to do more research and watch more porn, and it did confirm my aspirations.

“It looked mechanical, sometimes hot, but mostly good enough for a quick wank in my experience, which is so small compared to the whole range of sensations that sex can give you. I wanted to explore these feelings so I decided to shoot my own films.”

Lucie’s arrival into the world of porn was a relatively soft landing when compared to others. While studying web design in Barcelona, she gained a part time job with Erika Lust (Swedish adult filmmaker). After growing bored with her real life work, and soon after the break-up of a relationship, she created We Love Good Sex as a way of exploring her own imagination and fantasies. Not long after she shot her first film. The rest, as they say, is history.


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The thorny issue of telling friends and family that she had entered a business with something of a questionable reputation in the eyes of many was neatly side-stepped thanks to an enlightened network and agreements to just not even discuss it.

“My friends are very cool about it. They're also my test subjects, I like to ask them about their experiences and submit ideas to them, they're really supportive. My family is another story. They more or less know what I do but we have an implicit rule of not talking about it.”

Having spent her career thus far solely behind the camera, Lucie took the bold step of not just appearing in her first scene, but added the excitement of having her first lesbian experience. Starring with rising Aussie performer Molly Dae, any pre-shoot nerves disappeared very quickly.

“The camera didn’t bother me so much. I felt at ease among my friends so I kind of forgot about the cameras. Besides, Molly understood my idea really well and everything went very smoothly.

“Throughout the day, we talked about what we were experiencing. It was a really cool day and I can’t wait to edit and publish the film!


“My films come from my own mind, so I feel like I can provide something authentic by being in the scene myself. I want to make myself vulnerable.”

Indeed, the future looks very bright for Lucie; a dedicated, intelligent and perceptive individual whose take on the industry looks set to turn a few heads, perhaps even change the game for good in the future.

“I think porn is evolving and it's an exciting time to be involved in this industry. More and more people are doing amazing things and I feel like the ‘pornorama’ is becoming much wider and more interesting.

“The only thing that worries me is the constant censorship and demonization of porn through laws, like in the UK. Safety? Yes. Scapegoating and finger pointing? No.

“This and the constant witch hunting from social media sites like Facebook who apparently can't stand a photo of a woman breastfeeding, are all obstacles for porn to grow into something better, more varied and more accessible.”

Still cast as the dark side of human nature and sexuality, pornography might finally be undergoing the paradigm shift it needs and wants. For too long various institutions have sought to repress the most natural of desires. It will be a change for the better.