My 10 Favourite Porn Stars

Here's to my favourite blue movie actors and actresses, from the legend Ron Jeremy to the vixen Jada Fire...
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I honestly can’t believe that I’ve never revealed my hot list. But taking time ain't laziness. I dare any man, woman or child (between the ages of 13-17) to test my knowledge of porn and the stars that fuck about in the industry. I remember the first porn I watched. It was on VHS and didn’t belong to me. Therefore  every time I watched the heavily dubbed, full bushed  German orgy, I had to be sure to rewind the tape to the same place.


As the years have gone on, I’ve sourced and investigated some of the most exclusive, the darkest and even fallen in love with some of the most amateur porn that the internet has to offer. Below I let you know, who make me wet like H2O.

10: Ron Jeremy

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Some things are just great. Heinz Ketchup. The last slice of Hovis. Comfortable heels. Macaroons. Ron Jeremy is in that category. He is so vintage, he may as well be second hand but yet he continues to deliver. In a world were looks are everything, Ron came through with his body hair, kangaroo pouch and cheeky attitude and changed the game for men. Good male performers are hard. To come by, that is. Ron gets my vote!

9: Belladonna

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Another oldie but goodie. The gap toothed, tattoo covered, cum princess is a fucking showstopper. Sultry, slutty and shocking; Bella Donna has what it takes to bring man like Lexington Steele to his knees!

8: Sasha Grey


Cumming in at number eight is the incomparable Sasha Grey. Coming into the industry at a young age, her beauty and ability to catch the longest of trains propelled her to the top of my hot list. Beyond that, she saw herself as a brand and has since retired from the industry to concentrate on ‘acting’* side eye *do you boo!

7: Carmen Hayes

Don’t watch the thickness, woman is like ‘whoa!’ when it comes to sexual acrobatics. I’m not a titty freak but for those who are she is packing some 38K’s you can try and wrap your head around. What I really dig about Carmen, is that she always seems to be enjoying herself. You couldn’t ask for more than that.

6: Peter North

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Anyone who truly knows me knows I’m down with the swirl and my affection for Peter North is no exception. I love this man. His cum shots sit in the hall of fame, he is cute and he knows how to slay some ebony ass.

5: Vanessa Blue

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This woman is the definition of insatiable. She began to embrace anal at a time when ebony pornstars weren’t really fucking with it. Her head game is second to none. I've investigated deep throat to an unwarranted level and she still cums up on top. She too loves a little inter racial loving. She’s like me. With tits. LOLZ.

4: Aurora Jolie

ASS! ASS! ASS! No, literally, Aurora’s USP is that she has yet to perform vaginal sex on camera. She is anal ONLY. Need I say more?

3: Angel Dark

The juxtaposition of her name should really be a clue as to how sweet yet badass, her sex game really is. She specializes in DP, Gangbangs and the like and stays looking like a supermodel even with two cocks inside her. Can someone say ‘BADGYAL?!’

2:Jada Fire

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The race for number one was as tight as Aurora’s pussy but I’ve made the executive decision to place Jada Fire at number two. I know, I know. But when you check my number one, you’ll understand. Starting as a fresh ebony, metal mouth, Jada perfected the art of deep throating with braces on her teeth. Anal, DP and gangbangs galore, she still stands heads and shoulders above all ebony pornstars.


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She is the Alpha and Omega of porn stars. Tory Lane is without doubt my number one. Maybe it’s her dancer's body, love for latex or her ability to be submissive yet remain in control of a scene, which has me cumming back for more. All I do know is that there will never be another. * Buffers ‘Traffic Jam’ *

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