Surfing For Cougars: The Truth About Dating Sites And Extra-Marital Sex

Trapped in a sexless marriage I made the decision to go surfing for Cougars. Three months on I'm obsessed. Here's how it happened...
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It was around Christmas 2011 when I made a conscious decision to surf for sex dating sites, my marriage was sexless and I wanted to get my needs met.

I came across a well-known sex site which shall remain nameless but it claims to have an impressive selection of cougars available.

After completing my profile and submitting a face photograph I signed up on a 6 month introductory offer and waited to see the response.

The inbox went crazy and in the first week I had received 500 emails from a selection of females all over the United Kingdom aged 18-75.Some had face photos but rather disturbingly the majority of photos were of breasts and vaginas. I was now obsessed.

My blackberry never left my side and still the emails kept on appearing in my inbox. I fired off 15 emails a day to women that had photos and tried to be original in my messaging. I thought that if I read their profiles and responded originally then I would have a selection that most men only dream about.

Every minute of the day whether at work or at home or with my 2 children I couldn’t stop looking at my phone in the hope that I would get a positive response from just one cougar. Then, a miracle happened.....

One of the emails I sent was in response to an interesting profile from a 44 year old called Carole, she described her ideal date, “a meal and then a visit to the Tate Modern followed by mind blowing sex...”

Her profile didn’t have a photo, but as I have now discovered, married women like to remain anonymous. We communicated by email on the website and I set up a new Hotmail account specifically to deal with the cougar enquiries.

I requested a photo (nothing rude) and she appeared well presented and intelligent. After a flurry of emails we arranged to meet up in a discreet gastro pub in Hampstead.

I was nervous but curious as to what happens on these types of dates. After a couple of drinks we both loosened up and it transpired Carole was a lawyer who would never leave her husband and 2 kids. Apparently her husband hasn’t touched her in over a year but she would still never leave him.

She had already “scored” on this website and subsequently I let her believe she was in control.

We both agreed we were attracted to each other and I suggested we go for a walk on Hampstead Heath.


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It was a chilly evening and damp underfoot, we weren’t wearing the correct shoes or clothing but as we came to a halt to look at the GPS on her phone I took a calculated risk.

I spun her around and we kissed passionately and instantly her nipples went hard.

“Shall we go into the undergrowth?” I asked like a 17 year old kid.

“That’s a very nice offer but I’m a 44 year old woman who likes to be warm and in a bed” she responded firmly.

We continued to french kiss and I walked her to the tube station with a big smile on my face.

Part 2

3 weeks later Carole and I arranged to meet in Covent Garden. During the preceding 3 weeks we had been involved in a furious bout of sexting which had ended messily for both of us. Basically, we knew what the other wanted before our second date.

After a drink at a bar with some food we agreed that tonight was the night and we should find a hotel room. It was a Travel Lodge in the West End and I felt like a sleazy pervert .The reality is that we both knew what to expect from a cougar dating site and are consenting adults.

She was wearing a French maid’s outfit and I made sure I was wearing the tightest possible M & S pants to create even more excitement in Carole’s world.

The sex was everything that we had described during our sexting session but what happened next concerned me.

She beckoned me to get under the covers and started to get clingy with me in the same way a partner would. I couldn’t escape her clutches and she was like a dog on heat.

After showering we went our separate ways and agreed to meet up again.

Carole has been texting me regularly and wants to meet up again but I’ve moved on and next week have a date with a primary school teacher with 2 kids...