The Women We All Secretly Fancy, Part 6

It can't be just us...
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The Tea Girl off The Call Centre


If you type 'Tea Girl' into Google the first predicted entry is '....from the Call Centre'. That gives you some kind of indication as to how popular Swansea's leading brewmeister Hayley Pearce is. She's the definition of girl next door - big smile, massive bangers, plus you're guaranteed a decent cuppa in the morning. In other words, she's got it all.

Katherine Ryan

She's the geeky Canadian comedienne who talks about ex boyfriends on Mock the Week and stuff like that. The fact that she could probably make us look like a prick with one quick-witted gleaming toothed put down in front of our mates is quite attractive too.

Baroness Oona King

You're not really supposed to fancy politicians because it makes it so much harder to hate them when they turn out to be wankers, but as far as we know the East London Baroness is actually alright, plus she's been on Dancing with the Stars on Ice or whatever it's called so has probably got some decent skills in the bedroom.

Karen Brady


She looks like a hot mum on the school run who operates a football club in between popping up on television to bollock dipshit entrepreneurs in cheap suits around a big meeting table. If that's not all your wanks rolled into one then I don't know what's wrong with you. I'd love to pop into her executive box.

Janine from Phone Shop

She's a Pay-As-You-Go Princess, the sort of girl who'd make you laugh and give quality shiners. I can't be the only one who thinks its a bit hot when she does the wide-eyed mental look thing? You'd go out for one drink with her after work and before you knew it you'd be tucked up in an A-road Travellodge with a vibrating Nokia somewhere it shouldn't be. Perfect.


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