20 Professional Lookalikes Of Footballers Who Look Nothing Like Them

Come on. Seriously?
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Footballers are now huge celebrities so perhaps it’s no surprise that people are making money simply by looking like them.

Welcome to the world of the professional footballer lookalike. Some players such as David Beckham, have a huge number of professional lookalikes earning serious coin, other lookalikes carve out a small niche in less competitive areas.

It's the latter category in which we're interested - the lookalikes that have a resemblance to a footballer but are unlikely to ever fool anyone into asking for an autograph. Here's the best of the worst...

20. David De Gea AKA Nick Combes

Can't even be bothered to take off his Spurs away shirt and stick on a United goalie kit.


19. Mesut Ozil AKA Benjamin G

Unfortunately for Benajmin's career aspirations - yet fortunately for his love life - he's better looking than Ozil.


18. Terry Venables AKA Ron Hockton

If you ever want someone to pose as Terry Venables eating his dinner on holiday, then Ron is your man.


17. Cristiano Ronaldo AKA Scott Gillman

Scott needs to get that tie knot under control if he's to ever convince as Cristiano.


16. Steve McManaman AKA Adam

Probably doubles as a John Bishop lookalike, where we'd imagine he'd get more bookings.


15. Glenn Hoddle AKA Richard Bey

Admittedly looks exactly like Glenn Hoddle but has to lose points for being unable to spell his name.


14. Ashley Cole AKA Eddie Ally

Eddie would only ever be able to pull the ropiest looking Cheryl lookalike.


13. Gary Lineker AKA Danny Ashton

Any resemblance begins and ends at the ears.


12. Luis Suarez AKA Shoaib

Can't remember Luis Suarez ever having such triangular hair.


11. David Seaman AKA Stephan Dicks

Would make more money pretending to be Boycie from Only Fools and Horses.


10. Peter Crouch AKA Mathew Thomas

At least buy a football kit and do the robot dance.


9. Ronaldinho AKA Paolo De Sousa

Definitely looks like him but seems to be fighting a losing battle with male pattern baldness.


8. Fabio Capello AKA Mark Hinchcliffe

Far more like a used car dealer.


7. Pierluigi Collina AKA Vasco Pianni

Appears to have got round the problem of buying expensive kit by simply trying some on in a sports shop and having his photo taken.


6. Paul Scholes AKA Jonathan Black

We'd be worried about hiring any Paul Scholes lookalike when you can't tell if he has ginger hair from the photograph.


5. Andre Villas-Boas AKA David Molloy

If you want to look like a man as stylish as AVB, you don't wear a t-shirt under a v-neck jumper.


4. Diego Maradona AKA Carlos Soto

Specialises in Maradona's chubby phase.


3. Harry Redknapp AKA Shaun Smethers

Harry Redknapp if he was played in a biopic by Timothy Spall.


2. Wayne Rooney AKA Tom Curtin

This is how we imagine Wayne Rooney looks on Boxing Day morning.


1. Sven Goran Eriksen AKA Colin Lyne

There's more than a hint of Gary Oldman as Dracula here.



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