The 7 Worst Christmas Presents In The Liverpool Club Shop

More bad buys than Brendan Rodgers' record in the transfer market.
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The 7 Worst Christmas Presents In The Liverpool Club Shop

Football club shops are the retail space that taste forgot. The modus operandi is to take items that people need/use in everyday life, slap the club badge on it and sell it for more money than it's worth.

This year we've been scouring Twitter to find the worst Christmas presents being sold in club shops. Here are the worst items that any Liverpool fan could unwrap this Yuletide.

7. LFC Premium Door Stop

We'd hate to see what the non-premium version looked like. More mobile than Dejan Lovren.


6. LFC Kop Kandy Dolly Mixtures

The sweet smell of not-having-much-success.


5. LFC Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters

How to take a piece of a club's iconic history and cheapen it.

tea coffee

4. LFC Men's White Field Polo

A reasonably distasteful garment rendered horrific by that red mess on the chest.


3. Liverpool FC Glasses (Adult Unisex Acetate)

These are for adults.

lfc glasses

2. LFC Child Patio Set

The Liverpool club shop were upfront about the glasses being for adults but we feel they're being coy in claiming this is a product for children. What child wants a patio set?


1. LFC Balotelli Scarf

Either the player or the scarf will be on sale by January.

balotelli scarf


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