A Tribute To Morecambe's Andy Parrish: The Footballer Stuck In Time

He steadfastly refuses to move with the times - and, you know what? We love him for that.
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Adidas Poppers. Sweater Shop. Flashing LA Gear trainers.

It's fair to say that, stylistically, we peaked in the 90's. Basically, it's all been downhill ever since.

Particularly in football fashion. The influx of foreign players nicking our jobs, scooping our awards and making the Premier League the best in the world (fist shake), has brought with it a cacophony of coloured boots, camp alice bands and catastrophic casual wear.

But amongst the thickening fog of new-fangled performance enhancing gadgets, lightweight toe-hugging technology and sonic muscle recovery compression base layers, there is a one-man crusade happening in the north west.

Meet Morecambe's no-nonsense defender, Andy Parrish. One part Rob Jones, one part Roland Nilsson and a sprinkle of John Moncur, he is the modern professional footballer stuck uncomfortably in a growing chasm between the 90s and today.

With his floppy, highlighted hair, tucked-in shirt and sock ties, he would fit in as seamlessly into your Panini sticker album, as he does in the Shrimpers' defence at the Globe Arena.

Paz, as he is affectionately known by Morecambe faithful, sports classic Puma King boots (where do you even find those nowadays?) and he's been galloping up and down the right wings of the bottom tier ever since being cryogenically frozen*, and subsequently defrosted by the seaside club in 2008.

And just like his 90's footballer forefathers, Andy Parrish is first and foremost, a defender. He doesn't do goals.

But he has scored one - slotting the ball past Dagenham and Redbridge before wheeling away in typical 90's style.

(*released by Bury in 2007).