A Tribute To Peter Devine & The Worst Penalty Of All Time

Every twenty-something bloke once owned a copy of Nick Hancock's Football Nightmares on VHS, and if you ask any of them to name one player who sticks in the memory, they'll all come back with the same man....
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When the former Lancaster City winger stepped up to take his spot kick, tripped over his own feet, scuffed the ball between his legs and then feigned injury, he probably thought he'd got away with it in the long run. Sure, he was the brunt of the jokes for a week between his teammates, maybe a few kids at the game had laughed and pointed, but in reality the world would have moved on in a few months. After all, it was only the HFS Northern Premier League Division One Cup Final.

Unfortunately for Peter, in 1996, Nick Hancock released his 'Football Nightmares' compilation video.

During the unforgettable hour and a half of footballing gaffs and oddities based around a journey to Stoke, Hancock made a joke of showing the penalty clip and repeating Devine's name so many times that it would be forever engrained in the memory of future generations. It worked. Every single football-mad 90s kid got the video for Christmas and would watch it on repeat, and then again with their mates 10 years later after the pub, meaning Devine would never ever be able to live down his fuck-up.

At one point it was said that there were more copies of Nick Hancock's Football Nightmares in UK homes than the Bible. You were never more than 10 feet away from a child who owned a copy and would quote lines like "He's clear....he's clear......he's clearly a twat" or "Top finish Les!" on command.

Even now, two decades later, Peter Devine is still the go-to man for shit penalties. When Premiership players fuck up their spot kicks, he's the one everyone thinks of. He even has his own wikipedia page built solely for the purpose of telling people he took that shit penalty featured in Football Nightmares.

And if you're wondering just how bad it was....