Check Out This Unbelievable Behind-The-Scenes England Footage...

"Do I Not Like That!". It's actually pretty crazy that this revolutionary documentary was ever made.
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The day has finally arrived. As England prepare to face Italy in Manaus tonight, many have written off the Three Lions before they've even kicked a ball.

But as we pull on the white jersey, and swallow down a locally-sourced ale, lest we forget, these were many before us who were much less fortunate.

I'm not on about the war, where loads of people died, although that was hardly a picnic. I am of course referring to Graham Taylor and co, during unsuccessful England's 1992 European Championship qualification period. Death's bad... but they had CARLTON PALMER in midfield, for Christ's sake.

Luckily for us, a behind-the-scenes documentary was made of their (ultimately flawed) journey - the ups and downs, the goals, the gaffes, and the Gazza's.

It's basically the programme which inspired Mike Bassett: England Manager, and it's fucking brilliant.


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