Chris Eubank's 20 Greatest Quotes

English gives his thoughts on everything from life in the South Bronx to the secret of a happy marriage.
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20. On the realities of the sport that made him: ”Boxing is a Mugs Game. 99.99% of boxers get used and abused and disfigured.”

19. On the moment he knew he had Nigel Been beat: “In the ring I looked at him and saw a relentless savage. But I also saw a man with a slight doubt on his mind. When he looked into my eyes he needed reassurance. I thought ‘It’s too late for that mate. You’re mine’”

18. On his boxing persona: “I really hate him. That strut, that shoulders-back stance. He makes me cringe.”

17. On his son Chris Eubank Jnr: “I took him to Havana as an amateur and saw him get a real beating from a heavyweight from their Olympic team. I saw him take that bad beating and I started to think, ‘Good, he can take a beating’. I knew he would be special.”

16. On knowing his place in history: “A promoter offered me that fight against Thomas Hearns and I replied that I was not fit to tie his show laces.”

15. On fighting smart: “My best asset is my concentration. My game is timing. I’m a thinker, the most relaxed of fighters before and during a fight, though my focus is intense.”

14. On growing up in New York: “I started boxing because the South Bronx was a place of nightmares. I hid away in the gymnasium because I hated it out there. I trained like a maniac to get out of that place.”

13. On how to be happily married: “It is not just love that makes a happy relationship, it is also a great deal of friendship. Don’t just be in love, be in like.”

12. On the one man who has beaten his son: “You have to keep in mind that, at least in my head, the British Boxing Board of Control would not have allowed Billy Joe Saunders to fight me. The gap in ability was too vast. In my day – from 1992 to 1995 – I would have stopped Billy Joe in four rounds.”

11. On not giving up: “I fought so many fighters with more talent than me, and I always came out on top because I was persistent.”

10. On being a father to Chris Eubank Jnr: “All I can say is that he has been parented in a very peculiar way. I am not a conventional man. I have made citizen’s arrests in front of him. I have commandeered heavy-goods vehicles which were illegally parked in front of him.”

9. On the benefits of fighting ugly: “In the Jerome gym in New York, every pretty face I saw lacked heart, punch them and they wouldn’t be back again.”

8. On Benn, Watson and the golden age of British boxing: “I don’t think we will ever see it again where you have three men of the same age from the same city and from the same continental descent, fighting at the top level at the same time with these Greek God-like physiques like we displayed.”

7. On his regrets: “Not being born to parents who were accountants was probably my biggest mistake.”

6. On being an all-rounder: “Colin McMillan is the best boxer, Nigel Benn is the hardest puncher, Paul Hodkinson is the best fighter. I'm the most successful because I can box a little, punch a little, strut a little and talk a little. I can do a little of everything.”

5. On being able to take a punch: “My chin is made from cast iron which helps, but I also have the skill to absorb a punch and know how to clear my head quickly.”

4. On the differences between himself and Nigel Benn: “Under different circumstances he would be a bouncer on some door in the West End and he'd have three kids from three different women. I am a superior person to that.”

3. On the importance of a good jab: “Think of the jab as a tape measure. Once you’ve measured your opponent you can unload everything on him.”

2. On the secret of his success: “The reason why I'm such a successful pugilist is that no one knows my limitations better than me. I am quite good, but I am not the best in the world. But I am one of the best and I'm quite content with that.”

1. On the business of boxing: “I'll fight anyone I can beat. I'm a businessman first and a boxer second. I'm looking for the readies.”