Kevin Painter – A Misunderstood Artist Of The Oche

He's the the anti-Power Taylor, and a true darts legend that will appeal to darts lovers and novices alike. You might not have heard of him yet, but it's time you did...
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Throughout my years of watching sport, I have always found myself drawn towards those characters with a bit of an edge to them. The true characters who might not be everyone’s cup of tea for a number of reasons. The bad boys, the loose cannons, the ones described as spiky or firebrands even. Always the first to receive the crowd’s scorn and readily branded by public perception as trouble, or worse, someone who brings shame unto the sport.

Enter “The Artist”, Kevin Painter - Darts Man Of A Thousand Faces.

Kevin Painter ticks all the boxes as the “athlete” you love to hate. He's the heart on your sleeve, ultra aggressive, attitude soaked sportsman that I for one love. Why oh why does he gets booed so regularly like other darts playing heroes like Alan Warriner, Peter Manley and Mervyn King before him? I think it’s down to the SKY propaganda machine and something I find ridiculous. Kevin gives you everything you want as a spectator; attitude, 100% effort, blood, sweat and most importantly, an extraordinary array of facial contortions.

The fact that he is an inconsistent darting star whose career has been a rollercoaster ride peppered with self doubt, controversy and failure to produce results matching his talent just adds to the intrigue. So for all you darts lovers and novices alike please give this Artist the respect he deserves. He is a true classic!

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