Billy Bremner: Irvine Welsh Eulogises A Leeds Legend

Leeds always screwed Hibs in Europe, but I loved billy Bremner...
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RIP Billy Bremner: Trainspotting Author Irvine Welsh Eulogises A Leeds Legend

This article originally appeared in Leeds Leeds Leeds fanzine.

I remember skiving off school to go down to the Hibs and Leeds in 1974 for the cup and Hibs were f*cking great. A good team they had then and Leeds had a good team as well. That was when Tony Higgins made his debut. A big, tall, gangling b*stard and you had Alan gordon, who is now my accountant, playing centre forward for them and Pat Stanton was the captain. They had a really, really good team and they were unlucky not to beat Hibs. They played Hibs off the park.

At Easter Road it was non-stop pressure and it was a nil-nil draw and it went to penalties and Leeds won 5-4 and Stanton missed the penalty. But the hero was Billy Bremner who was unbelievable that day. He was under constant pressure and knocking. There was like 50,00 crammed into this old ground. Ben ws knocking the hidden balls off the line. Every tackle counted. It was the best defensive performance I've ever seen. I was gutted when Bremner kicked it because he was always one of those guys that you really admired, playing for Scotland and Leeds. I was Dj-ing at basics when I heard about it, so I got this 60s replica top, number 4 as a tribute.

They also played Hibs when I was a young kid at school and it was 1-1 at Easter Road and Jack Charlton scored the header and it went 2-1. Leeds have always f*cked us in Europe. It's nostalgia for me because Hibs are no longer in Europe. Ever. So I've always got a soft spot for Leeds.

Liverpool, Man. United, Leeds and Chelsea were glamour teams they were the teams in ascendancy and you got a lot of coverage of English football in Scotland at the time. I remember seeing Peter Lorimer score a fantastic goal against Man City in a televised game. It was a long clearance at the box and Lorimer with just one touch picked it up and then took it on the volley, right over the top of the goalkeeper. A fantastic f*cking shot and devastatingly accurate as well. That was the thing about him. It wasn't a terribly powerful shot but he got shots on target all the time. He kept them low and hard. He put his whole body under it. A lot of pros could f*cking follow that example now.

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