Were You A Big Fan of The End?

It was the first terrace fanzine, the godfather of the football fanzines but still dressed in punk's cut and paste graphics. We're re-issuing them in one volume.
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Jesus this has taken a long time. 20 years in fact. If you've never seen The End now's your chance to find out about a unique chapter in British publishing history. Long before casual was ever really recognised as a youth cult a group of Liverpudlians created a home-made fanzine capturing life on the streets of their city, the local music and political scenes, and not forgetting the terraces. It was very funny, very roughly laid out and very popular. Its greatest champion was John Peel who would regularly name check the magazine on his Radio One show and also invited the editors onto national television to discuss their cult fanzine.

Hardcore  fans of The End  have been badgering the former editors to bring out a best of for decades. Now Sabotage Times and adidas have come together to help them finally produce one volume with every issue in it. The book will include every Ins and Outs list, every music interview, every letters page, every one of the classic End illustrations and interviews with Billy Bragg and The Clash amongst many others. In addition to all 20 issues there'll also be a new Ins & Outs list, the memories of the three editors, and various other articles from contributors and admirers. This week we'll be putting up a gallery of images from the magazine but this is the first opportunity to buy the book.

The book itself costs £20 plus £7.50 P&P for the 400 plus pages to come winging it's way to you first class. If you order now will be with you within the next 28 days.

Please note the previously advertised Friends of The End offer closed on 11th October.

John Peel on The End

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