WrestleMania 30: Forget Undertaker Debacle, That's The Best 'Mania In A Decade

After a fairly low-key build-up, WWE delivered a WrestleMania that will go down in history...
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It's just typical, isn't it? The match that had easily the worst build-up of any of the matches at this year's Wrestlemania, and that includes the pre-show tag team title match, ends up stealing all the headlines. ALL of them.

While reams of theories, tributes and plaudits continue to flood the internet surrounding the Undertaker's shock loss to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30, I hope the fact that this was an outstanding Wrestlemania that, especially in its opening half an hour, really did feel like a showcase for the immortals, isn’t lost.

The pre-show fatal four-way ended with the expected title retention for The Usos after an exciting opener that saw El Torito far more active in the match than Ryback and Curtis Axel combined. Great mash-up of the Rybaxel theme, however. The Usos' win with a double splash on Cesaro probably wasn't what the many Cesaro fans in attendance had been hoping for. Patience, guys, you might still be sent home happy...

A remarkable main show opening segment saw Hulk Hogan, about as nervous and stumbling as I've ever seen him, interrupted by Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock for a memorable and genuinely extraordinary pow-wow. In professional wrestling circles this was as big and meaningful a moment as you can possibly get. The Rock's work here made up for the endless dreadful promos during his feud with John Cena as well.

Triple H tried to follow that with what I presume was supposed to be a Game Of Thrones-esque entrance (I'm only guessing, I've never watched it) for his match with a furry booted Daniel Bryan. A fantastic match ensued, with the COO looking in marvellous condition and bumping around like he was still in his curtseying days as Bryan picked up a clean victory. The post-match whacking he took from The Game and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was no surprise, but then again neither was the result.


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The upshot of this long match and the longer opening segment was that The Shield's win over the New Age Outlaws and Kane was kept to only three minutes in length, but they blasted through it in as entertaining a way as they could. Following that, Cesaro's fans were indeed sent home happy as the Swiss Superman emerged as the surprise winner of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal by dumping the Big Show over the top rope. The battle royal didn't really become interesting until the last few were left, but it saw Kofi Kingston pull off another splendid spot and Alberto Del Rio starring with several eliminations. The reaction to Cesaro's win was massive and justified the result.

Bray Wyatt and John Cena then wrestled one of the oddest matches in the event's history. The actual match itself was decent enough, but the antics of Wyatt and Cena were what really made the match, which Cena perhaps surprisingly won with the AA. Their facial expressions and goading of each other were fantastic, even if Cena's acting was pure ham. This was also easily Wyatt's best singles match to date.

The Divas Invitational, won by AJ Lee as she retained her title, and Daniel Bryan's expected world title win after a superb main event against Randy Orton and Batista, were understandably overshadowed by The Undertaker's shock loss to Brock Lesnar after an otherwise dull and lifeless match. The end of his streak would surely have been his decision but one could not imagine that he would have been all that happy to be losing it in easily the most uninteresting Wrestlemania match he had in many years.

Even so, the decision to lose it to a part-timer rather than a bright young star will cause much debate and controversy, but the upshot is that this is arguably the biggest shock result in wrestling history and that the Dead Man's retirement now seems inevitable. Bryan may well have been given the massive win that many fans craved and demanded, but the best Wrestlemania for at least a decade will be remembered for the 3-count that none of us could quite believe had really happened.

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