WWF Legend The Ultimate Warrior Returns: Racist, Homophobe, Hall Of Famer

The former WWF goldenboy is to be rewarded for years of abusive blogs and prejudice with a spot in the Hall Of Fame - roll on Wrestlemania...
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The Ultimate Warrior and his totally natural, non-steroid-enhanced physique.



The night before Wrestlemania is the WWE hall of fame, which is almost always eventful. This year promises to be more colourful than usual due to the induction of the 80s/90s sensation, The Ultimate Warrior. His career was short-lived but dynamic, and while he was involved in some classic matches (against Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage in particular), most agree it was more about his character.

Although away from the ring, that character isn't quite as heroic. In fact, he's had a bit of a tendency to try to upset people at times.

Arguably, the worst thing the Ultimate Warrior was ever responsible for was his WCW run in 1998. In his return promo, he was asked to keep it short, hit the necessary points and not under any circumstances to refer to himself as 'The UltimateWarrior' as there were still legal problems surrounding that.

You can see the promo online but don't. It's rambling lunacy, as he goes on and on and on, circling around his points, while repeatedly referring to himself as the Ultimate Warrior.

The match itself, the rematch of one of the most famous bouts of all time, is the absolute pits. He and Hogan lost any chemistry they once had with each other

However, these are things that are more likely to annoy longer-term fans than casual fans. Far more likely to be controversial in the casual world were the kind of remarks he's made about homosexuals, pesky foreigners and... dead people he didn't like.

The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith, passed away a number of years ago, due to heart problems that may have been hereditary or may have been another case of a wrestler sadly passing away early due to the long term effects of steroid, painkiller and recreative drug abuse.

He was barely in the ground before Warrior took to his blog to explain (at interminable length) why his death wasn't in any way a tragedy.

"Davey committed a slow, sure, suicide. He was eternally blaming his “falling of the horse” again and again on nothing more than circumstances of his life. Circumstances he kept creating for himself. I read over and over: "I was involved with the Harts for 20 years. It was the worst 20 years I've ever had. I have no intention of having anything to
do with them." Why then was he banging his ex-brother-in-law’s bimbo ex-wife?"

Even if you hold stances on substance abuse that means that you don't have a major issue with the idea of not revering the deaths of those who were subject to them, the 'bimbo ex-wife' comments completely stand out. At least they're not the scrawlings of someone who had ever had issues with drugs themselves.

Mind you, he doesn't have a problem criticising people who are still living either. What has he said about Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife?

"You were both whores - neither one of you had a problem with getting thrills on the side. In fact, Terry, you tried to get me to sample those thrills. I bet I'm the only guy who said no to doing your wife." He also accused them of breaking up the marriage of the Macho Man Randy Savage and the lovely Miss Elizabeth. Not to mention keeping other people junkies so he could keep control over them.


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More recently, he's had a public war of words with Jake Roberts - although admittedly, Jake started this one, by referring to Warrior as an 'asshole'. Warrior responded by nobly keeping his silence. Oh, no, wait, he responded publicly calling him a 'hypocrite born-again Christian' who practices his Christianity in Hell, while referring to Jake reading bathroom stalls and grovelling while Warrior grew wise.

Now, Jake obviously hasn't had the best of times himself, what with turning up so drunk at a show that he pretended his snake was a penis, and that time he smoked crack on camera in Beyond The Mat, and oh, that time he fled the UK after neglecting and starving his pet snake until it died, but he does appear to have finally turned his life around in recent years, appearing to have genuinely got himself clean and looking in the best shape he has in absolutely years.

But with both Hogan and Jake turning up at this year's Wrestlemania (and Hogan will probably be at the Hall of Fame), it should at least make for some entertainingly tense backstage atmosphere.

At least Heath Ledger won't be there, because then it would get really awkward.

You see, after he made a name for himself for doing the rounds at universities doing inspirational speaking (where he coined the phrase 'Queering don't make the world work') and criticised an Indian student for not wearing a towel... Yes, those both really happened, although he went to legal lengths with one website for calling him racist over it, he decided the recent death of Heath Ledger was something that people were far too sad about.

Although obviously not because of homophobia. As Warrior says, "In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you I have watched Brokeback Mountain no less than 45 times and I own the Limited Edition DVD, signed by Willie Nelson a short time after he wrote that queer cowboy song as a tribute to the courage of the producers and actors who broke such incredible creative ground when they made their agenda-less movie. Serious. Until I saw Bendover Brokeback, Braveheart was my favorite movie. But the love scenes of Brokeback sucked me right in and I had no choice but to give myself over to the passion of its wide open range, if you get my drift.".

No, it was over the use of drugs that Warrior had an issue.

Warrior said "By today's standard, though, I do have to agree that he was a great father. Perhaps even greater then the father of the year, Hulk Hogan. After all, Leather Hedger did what it took to kill himself. His kid is without a father, yes, but the negative influence is now removed and his own child has the chance for a full recovery. Hogan, on the other hand, won't go quite that far. He insists on sticking around to keep further ruining, and profiting off of, the parentally mismanaged lives of his own children." This wasn't a random paragraph either. This was another long ramble by Warrior about another dead person.

So, 'queering don't make the world work', 'towel head' jokes, making accusations to everyone around him and saying it's a good thing someone died. When you look back at those incoherent, strange, rambling interviews he used to give, you may begin to be thankful nobody had a clue what he was saying...

But at least we can look forward to an eventful Hall of Fame speech.

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