100 Beards: The Search For London's Finest Facial Furniture

Beards are awesome. To celebrate the resurgence of the face warmer photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce has been shooting the Capital's furry freak brothers.
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Beards are awesome. Anyone that disagrees is either not quite masculine enough to grow one or cruelly cursed with sensitive skin. They’re a statement of what it is to be a man, they make you look mysterious and hide all other faults and all other manly failings. Use facecream? So what, you’ve also got a beard and look like you could probably single handedly man a trawler. Don’t know anything about football or cars? Erm, we’ve got beards, why would we be bothered about that when we’re busy fighting bears and leaning on things looking awesome.

Ok, so it might no be quite like that but no one can deny the swell of achievement after a few itchy weeks when you finally manage to sprout a bit of chin and cheek hair. In recent years the beard has firmly re-established itself as the ultimate accessory for the modern gent and we’re not the only ones that think so. London based photographer, Jonathan Daniel Pryce’s latest project 100Beards is an ode to everything magnificent about the male face furniture. In an effort to document the various beard trends of London, Pryce has been snapping beards every single day for the last 72 days and will keep going until he hits 100. Which is a lot of beards and real men.

"I started the project for two main reasons: beards are everywhere now and I'm fascinated with how trends emerge. I wanted to document the many beards I was seeing on a daily basis. Secondly, I have major beard envy - I can't grow a good beard myself so I'm living vicariously through others.

Throw away your clippers and check out some inspirational snaps above along with some obligatory beard facts:

  1. Scientists believe prehistoric men had beards for warmth, intimidation and protection.
  2. In ancient civilizations beards were a sign of honour and were only cut as punishment.
  3. Due to an outburst in sneaky enemies pulling beards in battle, Alexander the Great banned his soldiers from having beards.
  4. In the middle ages, touching another man’s beard was grounds for a duel.
  5. 55% of males world wide have some form of facial hair.
  6. According to a survey women find bearded men to be more respected, powerful and of a higher status.
  7. Want a way to avoid chuggers? According to studies, bearded blokes appear less generous than their fellow clean shaven man.
  8. 98% of the Forbe’s 100 list of the world’s richest men are clean-shaven. On the other hand, 98% of the world’s lumberjacks, warriors and general badasses have beards.
  9. Chuck Norris has a beard.
  10.  Beards tend to be at their bushiest in the summer.

You can find more photos of Jonathan's work at 100Beards.tumblr.com

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