12thMan Exclusive s/s 2012 Preview

An exclusive preview of Italian designer 12thMan's spring/summer collection for 2012
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images Christopher Barroccu

It may be that time of year when the sun's finally buggered off and we're thinking about jumpers, sweaters and jackets but that doesn't mean to say we can't look forward to next year.

So in the spirit of keeping one step ahead (which is what it's all about isn't it?) here's an exclusive sneak preview of 12thMan's Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

A favourite of mine as regular readers will know, Italy-based 12thMan garments are all made in Italy, hand dyed and limited to 99 individually numbered editions of each piece. The quality is top notch and you know you're not going to bump into someone with the same shirt on.

It's also great to see them finally branching out into outerwear. The Alcor and Nova jackets look very nice indeed, the choice of colours is spot on (Russet Orange, White Sand and Thyme Green) and the Osti influence is clear. Both are windproof and waterproof, 100% cotton doubled with a polyurethane layer and then dyed with two different processes - one to dye the inside of the jacket and the other to dye the outside.

As usual you've have to move fast, as the limited editions mean they won't be hanging round long.

In the meantime the current autumn winter collection is on the 12thMan website here.

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