5 Affordable Winter Accessories That Won't Make You Look Like Noddy

Whether you're a bloke after some gear to keep you from freezing or a partner looking to stop him looking like a Russian steel worker, this lot are for you...
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Believe it or not, it is possible to wrap up warm for the winter without making a right prat out of yourself. Start by avoiding anything that scarcely resembles an animal in knitted form, along with any garish Christmas patterns or overzealous use of bobbles and tassels and it should be plain sailing from there.

Here is a list of five subtle, stylish and more importantly - affordable accessories that are more than capable of keeping all your exposed bits warm this winter.

Oliver Spencer Red Flecked Cable Knit Hat £39

Oliver Spencer is a British designer and self-taught tailor (which is no mean feat in itself) who produces contemporary takes on classic menswear garments. Alongside the usual items, the brand also offers a large selection of accessories ranging from hats to belts and everything in between. This chunky cable knit hat is a great option for the Baltic temperatures we’re currently experiencing. Coming in an autumnal red, it will go well with any toned down winter get up - and the colourful fleck in the wool adds extra texture to an already toasty titfer.


Barbour Classic Tartan Lambswool Scarf£25


For me, tartan scarfs are the best scarfs. The more neutral the colours, the better, (though I am partial to a bright red one) and they don’t come much nicer than Barbour’s classic tartan. By now I’m sure you’re all well aware of Barbour’s continual wax jacket world takeover, so I’m somewhat surprised to see the lack of people adopting their tartan scarves come the wintertime – this little lamsbwool number is reasonably priced at £25 and will protect your neck for years to come.

Muji Touch Screen Gloves £12.95


Continuing with the flecked wool theme, these Muji gloves are light on the bank balance but hard on tackling numb fingers. What’s more they have a special conductive material woven into the thumb, forefinger and third finger so that you can continue incessantly tweeting and posting pictures of your dinner on instagram without taking your gloves off. Coming in green, navy and grey these gloves really are a win, win, win

Marks and Spencer Fair isle socks£10


I know, I know - Marks and Sparks doesn’t exactly have much street cred out there on the big bad streets of the world’s fashion capitals, but for what it lacks in ‘cool’ it makes up for in abundance with quality clothing at an affordable price. These socks are just an example of what is actually on offer if you go browsing through the rails at your local M&S. A tenner will get you not one, but two pairs of thick socks with an ace Fair Isle pattern on them, and believe me when I say that these are just as good, if not better quality than the ones all the big brands are making for double the price.


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Patagonia Micro Fleece Gaiter £17


With fleece making a big come back this winter, it would be a shame if I didn’t squeeze some in here somewhere, so with that in mind let’s have a gander at Patagonia’s micro fleece gaiter. What’s a gaiter you say? Well I have no idea so we’ll just call this a scarf for now shall we? Available in an array of vibrant colours, this overhead scarf will not only keep your neck nice and warm, but will dry much quicker than wool should you get caught in a storm and is lightweight enough to be stuffed into the smallest jacket pocket - making it the ideal alternative to your typical scarf.