5 Cracking Menswear Shops

There are hundreds of menswear shops in Britain. So how do you choose which ones to visit? Do not fear, I’m going to help you. Here are five that I’d love a trolley dash round..
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A Shop Called Wood - Huddersfield

With its sister shop in Manchester, A Shop Called Wood had to be on the list. The Huddersfield shop is the perfect example of a small menswear stockist done well. Selling a mixture of brands, from Fjallraven to YMC, the intimate store is perfect for anybody wanting friendly service, great prices and a solid range of stock. Oh, and it’s also based in my hometown.


Number Six - London

I have only had the pleasure of visiting Number Six once but it was fair to say that I was impressed. Originally known as ‘When We Were Casuals’ it is clear who Number Six caters for and they do it well. With brands such as Barbour, Springcourt and Red Wing it is definitely worth a visit. I know I’ll be returning when I next get the chance.


End Clothing - Newcastle

A friend of mine once said, “If End don’t stock it, then it’s not worth buying.” Obviously this isn’t 100% true, but it’s pretty close. Every time I go on their website it seems that the brands they stock has grown. Normally this is a good indicator that a shop is just stocking anything they can get their hands on but this couldn’t be less true when it comes to End. A proper ace shop that is really coming into its element at the moment.


The Hip Store - Leeds

The Hip Store is probably one of the first shops that got me massively into clothing. Memories of going in there with my brother and wanting to buy everything in the shop will probably always stay with me. With a mixture of brands like Comme des Garçon and Woolrich, The Hip Store is bound to have something you’ll like.


Oi Polloi - Manchester

Yeah, it’s predictable to have Oi Polloi on the list but there’s a reason for everything. Every season the lads on Thomas Street never fail to make my jaw drop with the brands they carry. Whether it be Fjallraven Numbers or Esemplare they always manage to bring exciting brands through while still keeping the solid brands in stock. Plus, they’ve collaborated with Clarks Originals on the Wallabee and that is always going to be a winner in my book.


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