Be brave. Be bold.

Don't kid yourself into thinking you won't need a new coat for the next few months. This is Britain. A game of cricket lasts longer than our summer. 

The mac was born when Victorian rubber don Thomas Hancock joined forces with inventor Charles Macintosh to create a waterproof jacket for our damp and drizzled lands. Their clever little collab found popularity on the battlefields of WWI, later becoming so ingrained in popular culture it’s difficult to imagine a world without them now. Michael Caine in a denim jacket? It doesn't bear thinking about. 

Quick note: the macs on display here are of the single breasted variety. The macs you might wear if you were solving a murder in the 1940s, with the large lapels and belt, are double breasted.

Hancock Gents Mac


Inspired by the Godfather of the British rubber industry, Hancock still aim to create innovative designs using the technology laid out by the brand’s namesake.

A jacket like this collab between Hancock and Liberty's is not to be trifled with. You might have to go away and come back a few times before you feel ready to take it all in, but if you can master a magic-eye pattern like this, you've won menswear. Final boss on the hardest level defeated.

Harry Stedman Orange Rust Ventile Mac

7P9A6510 copy.jpg

Handmade in East London by Grenfell for Harry Stedman, this orange effort will compliment your ‘might go and stand outside the pub in my sunglasses with a bottle of Corona’ look, which I hear is going to be massive this season. 

Reiss Earlsworth

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 18.35.31.png

A proper little azzurri headturner. There's something so debonair about a concealed frontage. Nobody wants to be greeted with a gaping buttonhole at the end of a hard day now do they? This one's in the sale too. Bargains. 

Sophnet. x Fox Umbrellas Soutien Collar Rain Coat


Strictly speaking camouflage was designed to be the opposite of lairy, but unless you're on all fours crawling through foliage trying to avoid enemy attack, you're going to stand out in this. 

The coat is a product of the collaboration between Japanese brand Sophnet and traditional English umbrella makers Fox, whose whole raison d'etre is to keep you dry. Inspired, if you ask me.

Mackintosh x Band Of Outsiders


Look at him. Look how much fun he's having. That could be you.

The OG mac makers have teamed up with LA based label A Band of Outsiders to create a collection of colourful Mad Men inspired get ups for summer.

The best things about this one is, if you look closely you'll see this mac develops into a subtle Gingham check towards the bottom. 

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