5 Things We Learnt From London Collections: Men

Last week the great and the good of British Men’s Fashion descended on the capital, showcasing what they’ve got up their well-cut sleeves for AW14.
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Britain kicked off fashion fortnight over the course of three days displaying once again the variety of talent our fair isles holds from well-established powerhouses, to young innovators and classic outfitters. There was also a lot of indoor rain.

1. Where are the beards?


It’s gotten all neat and tidy again. Very few designers sent their chaps out unshaven or without running a comb through their locks. Is this the end of the beard? For now, it could be. Oliver Spencer evidently didn’t get the message though and continued to fly the flag for all you pogonophiles out there, much to Jeremy Paxman’s chagrin.

2. Time to get down and oversized

hackett down hacket - AW14 - Sabotage Times

You'll have feathers in your coat next winter. There were tailored quilted down jackets aplenty, seen twinned with smart trousers, a welcome alternative to your mac. The Christopher Kane and Hackett jackets are worth having a look at. There were also a fair few oversized jackets (see Lou Dalton, Topman Design), great over the top of a fitted suit for that prohibition look you've always fancied. Careful though, too oversized and it gets all a bit Gestapo.

3. There are two David Gandys and possibly three Tinie Tempahs

gandy and tt - AW14 - Sabotage Times

Improbably handsome David Gandy and bespectacled rapper cum something to do with fashion, Tinie Tempah somehow went to every show, party, presentation and door opening during LC:M. Strangely enough neither Tinie nor David made it to Boy George’s DJ set at Esquire’s party on the Monday, funny that.

4. Someone somewhere is still trying to convince us to wear galoshes

Galoshes - AW14 - Sabotage Times

More often than not you step out the door and it’s raining. You grimace, put an umbrella up and then step in a puddle of brogue ruining rain. You could if you’re of an Alan Partridge persuasion take heed and protect your shoes with galoshes. The Sartorial equivalent of a beaded seat cover, functional yet unnecessary and likely to bring you to the attention of the local police force. Just watch those puddles.

5. Bombers, updated and remodelled

Bomber jacket - AW14 - Sabotage Times

The variations on the bomber jacket had seemingly ground to a halt, adopted by everyone from bouncers to college jocks. At LC:M we saw designers had given the bomber a facelift using, leather, suede, wool and a variety of synthetic materials in plethora of exciting colours.