5 Things We Love This Week: 18th - 24th November

Our weekly dose of stuff we've been enjoying at Sabotage HQ, featuring winter warmers, new trabs and a classic Soul Train performance...
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Fatima - Family

New video from one of the most gifted female vocalists around, released on the consistently brilliant Eglo Records. Fatima and Eglo have been in beautiful partnership for years, with Floating Points and Alexander Nut's leftfield imprint the perfect home for her smoky nu-soul. 2013 has been a strong year indeed for all concerned.

Single released 2nd Dec on Eglo Records

Adidas City Marathon PT 


According to trainer folklore, the prototype for these was uncovered by an old adidas employee as the 90 year old was packing up to move, leading to their recent re-issue. They make a decent alternative to the ubiquitous New Balance, and let's face it, you'll never beat the three stripes. The ones pictured are the New York colourway.

£72 from adidas

Loose Ends on Soul Train, 1986

I could spend, and have spent, hours upon hours watching old Soul Train performances on Youtube. The dancing alone makes Top of the Pops look like a sleepover in a library. This performance from Loose Ends is absolutely phenomenal. The bright colours and afros of '70s Soul Train have been replaced by suits, cityscapes and neon of the '80s. The bloke in rollneck and sunglasses dancing, the taps of the 808 cowbell, and the British accents in the interview made this one of my favourite things on the internet this week.

Woolrich Arctic Cap


You might have noticed that the temperature dropped quicker than Ashley Young in the penalty box this week. Don't moan though, embrace it and invest in a winter classic like the Woolrich Arctic Cap. Would you be able to bowl about in a gorgeous rabbit fur trim hat in the middle of July? God bless the winter.

£99 from Woolrich

Suggs - That Close


Picked up this autobiography by one of the nicest blokes in music this week. Everything you'd expect is included, from the North London estates and '60s Soho; punk, ska and 2-tone; the heady days of Madness and causing an earthquake in Finsbury Park, and all delivered with the wit of a man it's difficult not want to be mates with.