5 Things We Love This Week

An autobiography from one of British music's most important figures, a selection of winter clobber and something to play your music on at face melting volume...
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Ardour Brand 'Gaer' Scarf


More top quality accessories from a brand we've been massively digging this year at Sabotage. Ardour is the work of Shaun Dangerfield and Saul Wilks, two clothing obsessives who've been putting their passion for threads into making their own brand one of the best new labels out there. This Scottish tweed scarf will sell out, so don't stand on ceremony if you want one.

£55 from ArdourBrand.com

Alan McGee - Creation Stories


It's difficult to overstate the role of Alan McGee in British music. As founder of Creation Records, the Glaswegian helped define a key moment in popular culture, with a hand in the careers of My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, Oasis, The Libertines and more. His memoirs are expectedly brilliant, with Bobby Gillespie saying "I've never met anyone like him and neither have you. This is his story".

Marshall Hanwell Speakers


A name synonymous with quality audio equipment, Marshall have been at the top of their game for over half a century. Created specially to mark their 50th anniversary, the Hanwell isn't just at the top of the speaker dock market, it's bowled past security straight into the VIP area, put its feet on the table, cracked open a beer and told everyone else to fuck off. Pure rock n roll luxury.

Ben Sherman Polo


This polo will either make you look like you're in the Mafia or playing snooker in a working men's club circa '84, either way it's top bombing. We've been majorly impressed with the Plectrum range this season, which has helped revitalise the Ben Sherman brand and give it back some of the prestige such an important brand deserves.

£64 from Ben Sherman

Brasher Supalite ii GTX


Last week, after at least two decades of ignoring the need for a good pair of walking boots, two decades of slumming it at festivals in trainers and destroying my feet walking in wellies, I relented. The reason? Two new dogs who need could do mecca and back every morning without as much as a pant. I looked at several brands before choosing these. Some outweighed them in the style stakes, others claimed to be more durable, but it was the supalite aspect I went for. To avoid becoming Rik Waller’s cousin I run up and down the hills in the nearby field with the hounds and didn’t need some clodhoppers that would turn my Achilles to jelly. An unqualified success, I’ve returned home every morning with warm, dry feet, two panting dogs and a pair of boots that I don't want to take off. Tremendous.


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