A Hybrid Desert Boot

As heavy-duty as classic Doc Martens with the good looks of a Desert Boot, Marni has hit the nail on the footwear head.
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Two big trend resurgences in footwear at the moment are the classic punk Doc Martens and the rugged-yet-still-pushover-preppy Desert Boot. From Topman to the more niche upmarket designers everyone is having a bash at the two,  it was only a matter of time before people started splicing both designs together .

Whilst some have failed to meet a healthy compromise between the iconic footwear, Italian high fashion brand Marni hits the nail dead on with their efforts. Made from burgundy calf leather with contrasting black laces they follow a tried and tested formula that could have fallen straight out of Quadrophenia. The boot follows the classic desert boot style for the body of the shoe before cementing it an an eye catching Doc Marten-esque white rubber sole. One of my larger gripes with many dessert boot designs is that they often make do with a flimsy base that's only suitable for summer walks and yachts. Marni’s heavy duty combination on the other hand is brilliant and leaves you assured that these are made to last.

Combine these with some slim-fit jeans and you have yourself a brilliant casual look.



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