A Vintage Watch

More important than your shoes, your watch says everything about you.
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A watch is more than just a timepiece. It is a status symbol that speaks volumes about your character, taste and attitude and is more potent than one’s car or one’s suit because, for some odd reason, people always notice your watch. So maybe one should get it right. To do just that, many men such as, Ian Wright and Paul Weller have gone vintage. “I just love them because they’re examples of great design,” explains Wright opening a case in which lies a sixties Rolex Daytona. “I waited 8 years for this and it’s the very same watch that Paul Newman wore in the sixties. So it’s great investment, is a lot easier to store than a great car collection and makes me feel really good when I wear it because very, very few people own one.” Luckily, for those looking for such an article, The Antique Watch Company, in London’s Clerkenwell Road will either have one in stock or will chase one down, at auction or otherwise, and call you when they find one.

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