Acne Studios "Selo" Satin Bomber Jacket

The MA-1 will never die.
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You'd think the MA-1 bomber jacket would've been dead in the water by now, zipper-side down in some sort of suburban lake or perhaps a brook, unable to bear the weight of being so cool for so long.

But nah. Keeps going.

Acne Studios bring the outerwear goods as per with this shit-hot Selo satin bomber jacket in olive green, you can wear this one to a strike or one of those dead wanky #LFW parties that'll be coming up. Slightly longer than many similarly styled jackets, the Selo is built for slouchy, layering letting you do what you want without feeling like you're wearing a teeny, teeny-tiny crop-top.

Suave as, that.

The Acne Studios Selo jacket is available now, also in a dusty pink - if that's your thing.

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