Adidas Enhanced Firebird Track Pants

Time to take your indoors game out...
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Been reconnecting with my 90s street urchin days lately. In sartorial terms at least, not been out smashing bus stops.

Trackie bottoms are big news in menswear these days. Streetwear still rules the catwalk which means you can definitely get away with taking your 'indoors watching Eastenders' game 'pon road.

You still need to think clean cut and dapper though to stop your whole shit looking like you were pulled out of bed at 5am. Think next in line to be a Mafia capo, rather than next in line for your weekly giro. For this to work trainers need to be spotless and t-shirts sparkling.

The three stripes round the thigh make all the difference with these. Like go-faster stripes on an 80s sports car. Sweet as.

Pick them up from Scotts Menswear

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