Adidas have brought the posher, lighter on his feet cousin of the LA Trainer out to play.

When I saw this was happening I got nostalgic and wondered why they had done this to the trainer of my youth. But then I remembered that thing called progress. Momentary step into nostalgia bore over with, I was able to look at the Los Angeles in all its glory, and what a lovely trainer it is.


The leather is gone and has been replaced with a seamless mesh upper, making for a contemporary take on the classic runner silhouette, made especially for the 1984 Olympics. The trainer is mega-light with a poly-suede heel and is great for keeping your plates sweat free.


Available in a whole raft of colours, the update on the LA Trainer represents man’s evolution: from running away from the older lads to running away from his 9-5 getting over excited about trainers on the internet.

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