adidas Stan Smith x Dover Street Market

Kinda sad I've not got these on right now, tbh.
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Oh fuck.

Hold me, lads. I'm in love.

My knees are weak, trembling. Coke-white Stans from DSM are gonna be the death of me, draining all the blood out the rest of the body and gushing towards my index finger, it throbs, pulsating as it clicks the "CONFIRM" button.

Dover Street Market is the baby of Comme des Garçons' Rei Kawakubo and also every #menswear aficionado with a tasty overdraft and space in their room, the trainer boxes closing in on them like the walls of that fucking trash compactor thing in Star Wars only 1000% less rubbish.


These ultra limited edition DSM Stans will set you back $150 (which is only about £93) and feature ZERO logoing which is, for some reason, unbelievably cool to me. And to you.

Good luck.

The adidas Stan Smith x Dover Street Market is in stores from Wednesday 10th September.