The Alexander McQueen x Puma King Boots Are Predictably Awesome

They're here, they're ridiculously cool and none of us will ever get near owning a pair - let's admire them from afar together...
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If there's two things we love at Sabotage, it's football and fashion (and music and television and loads of other things, but mostly those first two).

The ultimate nineties winger football boot, the legendary Puma King has been given a ridiculously good makeover by equally legendary British label Alexander McQueen. Crafted from the finest materials, there'll only be thirty pairs of these boots made - boots so fine you'll be too scared to wearing them outside the house, let alone go flying into challenges on a muddy Sunday - and will be gifted to lucky sods and selected industry bods involved in this summer's World Cup.

Available in beautiful tan leather upper and gold fish-skin variants - both inspired by the classic Golden Boot handed down to whoever ends up the tournament's top scorer - will mean that you'd have a tough decision to make if you ever actually had the chance to bag these. Which you never will.


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